Learn about the online eCommerce software solutions provided by CitySoft


Whether a company is looking to commence their own online eCommerce journey, or they are looking to integrate their existing eCommerce site with the Sage X3 ERP business enterprise management system CitySoft represents, we have a suite of software solutions to fit.

Automation, integration and flexibility in design, rank as some of the key considerations when seeking an eCommerce solution. Sage eCommerce for Sage X3  is a World class eCommerce system with hundreds of integration points to the Sage X3 ERP system and best in class store capabilities.

For companies with existing eCommerce sites who require back office integration to make their eCommerce business processes far more efficient CitySoft UK offer middleware software from APPSeCONNECT.

Software as a Service (SaaS) e-commerce

Sage eCommerce

Sage eCommerce is provided as a service. Sage eCommerce’s monthly fee includes: server and application hosting, power, Internet bandwidth, application updates/fixes/enhancements, back-up services, SSL certificates and the overall management of the service. Sites can be set up very quickly, and at a reasonable cost.