Sage X3 provides business system coverage from concept to commercialisation

Sage X3 provides whole of business life coverage for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. The business system needs of a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products will change dramatically over the life of the business, as research leads to trials, and with success, commercial release of new products. Sage X3 with its global foot print and Web native technology, elegantly supports creation and management of multiple offices and manufacturing plants across multiple regions, as your business enters new countries and new regions. Sage X3 also manages contract manufacturing arrangements & royalty calculations. During your research and ramp up phases, costs are captured, down to a resource level, associated with the various stages of research & development so you can control expenditure, and report to stakeholders how funds are being consumed.

In addition to advanced manufacturing capabilities Sage X3 ERP, works closely with MES systems and speciality applications such as Sensire an advanced temperature and task monitoring system (Intelligent Cold Chain) management.