Sage X3 is a true mid-market ERP system designed for Enterprises operating across multiple countries and regions, & CitySoft are the best placed Sage partner to help multi-nationals who use Sage X3 to realize the power of Sage X3 across their entire enterprise.

CitySoft have established a reputation for successfully managing Sage X3 projects that span multiple countries and regions. Multi-country projects require a different set of skills and capabilities than local or nationally based projects where most Sage partners operate. Very few Sage partners have the experience, the systems, the resource depth and the disciplines that CitySoft have when it comes to delivering larger more complex multi-region Sage X3 projects. As a leading Sage X3 International business partner CitySoft offers multi-lingual staff, follow the sun help desk and a project methodology suited to successfully delivering single folder, multi legislation, Sage X3 projects.

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If you are ready to turbo charge your use of Sage X3 by introducing Sage X3 to your regional offices, or by rapidly, and cost effectively skilling up your regional staff’s use of an existing Sage X3 deployment, then please contact CitySoft, the specialists in multi-country, multi-region Sage X3 systems, to speak with a Sage X3 project and product specialist.


Michael Tsen

Regional Sales Director

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Australia & NZ

Ian Hill

Sales & Marketing Director

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Jennie Bissel

Project Services Manager

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International expertise

CitySoft, located in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, have been providing enterprises operating across multiple-regions who are utilizing Sage X3 software, expert project and support services. Our support services especially suit enterprises seeking 24/7 support for their regional operations and localized knowledge on legislative and tax regimes in the regions they operate in. Our multi-lingual teams contain technical and functional consultants, covering the Sage X3 finance, distribution and manufacturing suites