CitySoft are providers of business enterprise management system solutions, built on, and around, Sage X3 advanced business software

Whether you are a small to medium sized business, or a mid-sized enterprise CitySoft UK will help you in finding which solution fits your requirements best.

Our primary software partner in the UK, Sage, produces market leading advanced business software, sage X3 ERP, that addresses the typical business processes at a mid-sized enterprise.

Market Leaders – For peace of mind

The business enterprise management software solutions we offer, are leaders in their respective markets, and Sage and the ISV's are renowned for producing quality software products. For the benefit of the customer, there is a heavy investment in on-going development of their assets, to extend the life of their products by keeping them relevant and technically in tune with industry advancements.

An investment in Sage X3 ERP software is a low risk, highly rewarding experience when implemented by CitySoft.

Independent Software Vendors – Enhancing your business processes

CitySoft also offer independent software vendor software products, developed for the Sage X3 eco-system, to provide companies with deeper and richer business system solutions. These extension products such as advanced warehouse management systems, POS, eCommerce, service management and business intelligence applications, all enrich the core Sage advanced business enterprise management software systems to help companies automate, integrate and extend their business systems reach, to include more people and more business processes on system.

Technical Development – Capitalising on your unique needs

CitySoft UK also offers technical development services, where integrations with, and between third party applications, and one of our core advanced business enterprise management software systems is required. We also offer  bespoke developments, when required to round out a business system solution. The Sage X3 system in particular, is a development platform designed to support these types of integration. Sage X3 supplies two free Sage X3 developer licenses with every license purchase or subscription.

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