About Us



CitySoft’s culture is built on helping companies and enterprises succeed in business, with CitySoft priding itself on providing our clients with expert advice, support and quality modern business software systems that contribute to our client’s business growth and prosperity. In short we delight in the success of our clients. We also value our staff and their contribution to helping our clients extract maximum value from the advanced business software systems that CitySoft sells and supports.
The CitySoft Consulting Group was formed in 2010 as a result of a merger between GPS-IT (A consulting firm specialising in delivery of SAP Business One and Sage 300 services), and City Software Business Solutions (CSBS) one of the original SAP Business One consulting firms in Australia.
Since 2010 CitySoft has grown from a Melbourne based boutique professional services business, into an advanced business management software solution provider representing globally recognized software vendors. CitySoft now operate offices in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK and work with local, national and international enterprises across a number of advanced business software applications and on projects that span the globe. 

CitySoft is one of Sage’s most respected, awarded and experienced global business partners. Our entry in to the UK is supported by Sage who recognized CitySoft’s capabilities to deliver Sage X3 Enterprise Management projects and our appetite to invest and grow.

Our client base consists of enterprises who understand the strategic importance of operating an advanced business software system, that helps rather than hinders the achievement of corporate objectives, and the importance of partnering with a business that helps them successfully embrace and navigate through technology driven changes more broadly, and specific to their industry. 

CitySoft do things differently than most others which is just as well, as many advanced enterprise business management software projects fail to deliver the outcomes and value buyers expect. Our experienced management, our project and support processes and our desire to make a positive contribution to our clients, combine to differentiate CitySoft from our competition. Track My Project is one such example of where we differ from other business software and services consultancies.

Track My Project

Whilst our competition may be good at talking and writing about project process and project methodology CitySoft live it. We have created an application designed specifically for advanced business software projects. Track my project is a collaborative cloud application, built using business software project best practices, our project expertise, and our product specialisation that together create a powerful system for delivering quality advanced business software projects.