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Project Services

De-risking your investment with proven project methodology

Providing value for your Project

CitySoft Consulting lead the market in respect to producing quality project outcomes, and providing quality post project support. Our clients obtain greater value from their investment in Sage X3 advanced business software, because CitySoft UK configure real practical business system solutions, based upon using Sage X3 advanced business software as the system cornerstone.

Our project management and engagement model de-risks our clients from investment regret. We even created our own collaborative software application called Track My Project that helps clients and CitySoft UK successfully introduce new advanced business software projects.

Project Management

Sage X3 ERP and other Advanced Business Software Projects’ success demands the application of, and commitment, to adopt and follow a proven path to project delivery success.

Project management is often neglected or removed from project budgets, however, it is crucial to co-ordinating resources and navigating through the many and varied challenges common to all advanced business software projects.

Download an overview of CitySoft’s methodology

CitySoft UK’s experienced Sage X3 project managers save companies time, money and unnecessary heartache. They oversee resource allocation, workmanship, project scope and communications with project team members and project stakeholders. Together with your project manager they co-ordinate project delivery and de-risk your project against inferior solution delivery, missed project deadlines and cost blowouts.

Based on decades of experience, CitySoft UK have created their own methodology drawing upon theories and project approaches widely used by global consulting firms across enterprise and mid-market sized projects. Since the project demands of larger projects differ from mid-sized and smaller projects we vary our project methodology to suit the project profile so clients obtain the right type and volume of project services without ignoring any vital project disciplines.

Solution Design

CitySoft Consultants are providers of solutions based on Sage X3 for mid-sized enterprises.

Solutions in the packaged advanced business software space result from one or several sources including the use of independent software vendor developed software (ISV products) or CitySoft Consulting developments, using the development tool kits made available to vendor business partners and clients.

There are essentially two types of ISV products: software developed exclusively for the core software system, in CitySoft UK’s case – Sage X3, or software that by virtue of its technology can integrate with other systems. ISV software developed exclusively for Sage X3, is not necessarily built using Sage technology tools.

CitySoft UK represents a number of ISV’s for Sage X3, favouring ISV’s who have used Sage’s development tools over generic 3rd party applications. ISV’s, as members of the Sage development eco-system, have advanced access to the vendor road maps and resources allowing them to remain in sync with Sage software, which de-risks companies from falling behind on key vendor updates due to solution component incompatibilities.

On occasions core vendor products and ISV products do not provide coverage for a specific business requirement. In this case CitySoft UK may use the core vendor’s software development tool kit to create a solution for our clients. CitySoft UK operate several technical centres responsible for creating both small and major developments for clients using Sage X3 advanced business software.

When recommending solutions to prospective clients, CitySoft UK consider solution practicality, the cost of ownership, and business risk. We focus on delivering real practical solutions, that provide coverage for industry specific business requirements and that do not require compromises or workarounds to meet core business process needs. Compromise and unwieldy processes equate to cost and risk, and often indicate that a software system is unsuitable for the business.

Companies choosing to do business with CitySoft UK will be engaging with some of the industry’s leading advanced business software system solution consultants. Our experience is often the difference between a successful investment in advanced business system and disappointment.

Product Configuration Services

One of the major differences between basic entry level software and more advanced business software is the level, or degree to which the more advanced business software can be configured to reflect and best meet the demands of a business. Flexibility, however, comes with an up-front cost to configure the business software to behave in manner that suits the business.

The flip side is that business software, correctly configured, will lead to greater staff productivity, fewer data entry and data capture errors, and more accurate data upon which to make decisions. Properly configured business software will lead to more streamlined business and business savings. These on-going savings quickly justify the extra investment required to acquire advanced business software over less functional and flexible business software.

CitySoft UK’s deep knowledge of Sage X3, results in optimised product configuration that produces the strongest and fastest return on investment. Coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the various products eco-systems and service layers, CitySoft UK are well positioned to ensure our clients fully capitalise on the capabilities of their software asset.

Our project requirements inventory service, helps companies precisely define and identify their business information needs whilst uncovering opportunities where a company can improve on the way they have done business, in effect, capitalising on newer and better ways to do business. 

The types of configuration services offered by CitySoft UK include not only global product settings, but also business process controls that determine how system users enter and view data, and how data is used. Broadly speaking configuration may apply to visual processes, alerts, workflows, screen customisation’s, data exchanges with other systems, and creation of short cuts, dashboards and home pages. CitySoft UK projects include a RICEFW schedule to manage non-standard requirements covering Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms and Workflow.

CitySoft UK, together with Sage X3 software, offers companies the opportunity to redefine and refine their business processes, rather than simply replicating existing business practices that may be out of date or no longer representative of best practice. CitySoft UK assists companies obtain operational savings as a result of carefully considered software configuration.

Report Writing Services

CitySoft UK offer to provide companies with report writing and business intelligence services using Nectari, Sage Enterprise Intelligence, Sage Intelligence, Qlik Sense and Qlik View data visualisation tools. One reporting tool rarely fits all reporting situations, so expertise across a number of tools is essential in providing companies the very best advice and reporting service.

Our report writing teams offer to provide one on one and group training for clients, and report and BI report creation. Our engagement to create custom reports and data views is based on first creating a functional, and then a technical specification for client sign off and supply of a fixed price.

Report writing can become a major investment component of an advanced business software project. Sage X3 includes hundreds of out of the box reports, Excel templates and Dashboards. CitySoft UK’s solution design service ensures funds are not expended on creating unnecessary custom reports. Our reporting gap analysis as a part of our RICEFW process, will identify any solution gaps requiring filling through the supply of a custom report.

CitySoft UK use business intelligence tools capable of drawing data from multiple data sources to create enterprise-wide reporting solutions.

Our reporting specialists offer to provide expertise to clients on operational and financial data including multi-entity and consolidated group financial reporting and analysis.

In addition to report creation, CitySoft UK assist companies with distribution of information including automated distribution schedules, mobile report access and granting access to reports and information via employee, supplier and customer portals.

CitySoft UK have created suites of reports for various industries including hospitality (Table Covers, CGS and labour percentages, Average spend per head…) non-profit groups (Acquittal reports), Projects, events and job based industries especially in the professional services business sector, and manufacturing (discrete and process) typically drawing on data in Sage X3, and payroll & HR software, Sage Wage Easy payroll & HR software or Sage MicrOpay payroll data.

Go Live Preparation

Properly prepared projects contain a clearly defined set of activities leading up to a switch over to the new Sage X3 Enterprise Management system. Going live on a new system should not involve a hope and pray strategy that it will all be ok on the day. Such a plan typically ends badly, as matters that should have been dealt with leading up to go live become major issues post go live. The best time to address system and solution matters is prior to go live, not after.  CitySoft UK understands the need for business continuity, and a well-considered and executed go live plan will reduce the risk of a failed go live position, and a need to roll back.

User acceptance testing (UAT) is a crucial component of good projects and when done fully and completely, where every conceivable business process scenario is tested, will remove or reduce any go live issues. Even with the best laid plans issues can emerge post go live, however, the significance and severity of these issues are unlikely to be major ones when your project contains proper go live preparation.

During the go live preparation phase of a project CitySoft UK use a number of checklists cumulating in a final Go – No Go Toll Gate meeting, where risks and readiness are discussed prior to clients deciding on pressing ahead with a Go live cut over, or deferring until such a time as they are better positioned to go live.

Business Process Review

A change to modern advanced business software provides companies with an opportunity to evaluate their existing business processes, with a view to improving the way they do business. Often, newer technologies along with new business application capabilities, open up new and more productive ways for companies to capture and manage data, leading to cost savings and improvements in customer service. In some instances, inefficient business processes and practices evolve over time, often due to limitations in the company’s business software system. On occasions staff turnover, inadequate staff training and a lack of documentation of business processes, plus the loss of staff systems IP, over time, leads to degraded business processes.

As a part of a CitySoft UK advanced business software project, we conduct workshops that include a comprehensive business process review. Current business processes are compared to optimised business processes available within the realms of the proposed business software and the modern technologies upon which the software operates.

Topical technological advancements such as the IoT, Block Chain Technologies & Web Mobility have and are changing the way businesses operate and are responsible for a wide range of wholesale industry transformations. Block Chain technologies for instance will have a major impact in the food and beverage industry around counterfeiting, substitutions and traceability including visibility along the entire supply chain, in essence from paddock to plate and back. Voice activated warehousing, BOTS and even the availability of mobile Apps are changing business processes. The Sage X3 Expense App, for instance, is changing the way we process expense claims and book travel.  Sage X3, as a Web native application, is changing the way we transact and consume data, and not just sales behaviours, but technical and professional service staff with electronic time capture, and also remote office staff, work from home staff and staff involved in delivering goods.

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