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Produce innovative health care products with the world’s best ERP and software system applications. From creating the right formula to correct material handling requirements and keeping up with ever-changing complicance factors.



Sage X3

Pharmaceutical software for mid-sized businesses


Shipping & Bill Lading


Workplace Safety


Above reproach compliance


Multi-product consistency


Supply chain visibility


Quicker response times


Verify safety & minimise risk


Reduce cross-contamination & waste

Sage X3

Business system coverage from concept to commercialisation for the pharmaceutical industry. Find the winning formula with enhanced ERP software applications. With Sage X3 your business can comply completely, guarantee consistency and manager your entire supply chain.

Sage X3 ERP provides whole of business life coverage for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. The business system needs of a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products will change dramatically over the life of the business, as research leads to trials, and with success, commercial release of new products. Sage X3 with its global foot print and Web native technology, elegantly supports creation and management of multiple offices and manufacturing plants across multiple regions, as your business enters new countries and new regions. Sage X3 also manages contract manufacturing arrangements & royalty calculations. During your research and ramp up phases, costs are captured, down to a resource level, associated with the various stages of research & development so you can control expenditure, and report to stakeholders how funds are being consumed.


Sage & Sensire

The Internet has changed the way we can do business. Take for example monitoring of food, blood and pharmaceutical products through their various product lifecycles. Temperature control monitoring for many products is crucial not only during storage but during transportation. The cloud based Sensire TempNet solution is a GxP compliant cold chain monitoring system that combines wireless sensors and online data access, granting end to end visibility to all your temperature data, anywhere anytime. 

In addition to advanced manufacturing capabilities Sage X3 , works closely with MES systems and speciality applications such as Sensire, an advanced temperature and task monitoring system (Intelligent Cold Chain) management. 

It is well understood that the effectiveness and usability of certain products can be compromised by even slight variations in temperature making monitoring a mandatory process across various industries.

CitySoft are working with Sensire to integrate Sensire data into Sage X3 for an end to end solution for manufacturers and distributors of products where cold chain temperature monitoring is an essential business component. Used by the Finnish Red Cross, HUS, Fazer, Arla and Joensuu Sensire offers continuous real-time monitoring of goods.

Sage X3 is an advanced business software system available for process manufacturers and distributors of food and beverage, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical products. Together with Sensire the temperature of manufactured and distributed goods can be continuously monitored for compliance purposes. Sage X3’s Datalinx warehouse management system with or without Sensire can be configured to ensure goods remain within their specified temperature range during the picking process and prior to Sensire cutting in to manage the transportation of goods or Sensire can manage temperature monitoring from reception of manufactured goods.

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