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Advanced Warehouse Management System for Sage X3

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Datalinx WMS

Datalinx is an advanced warehouse management system for Sage X3. Suited to manufacturers and wholesale distributors with one or multiple warehouses and sites Datalinx for Sage Enterprise Management utilises radio frequency (RF) warehouse management technology that streamlines warehouse activities and helps reduce warehousing costs. Datalinx performs four primary warehouse functions – receiving and put away, picking and packing, shipping and inventory control.

Product Receivals & Put Away

Increase stock location accuracy by 25%

Receiving products into a warehouse against purchase orders, is part of the routine of all warehouses. Utilising the user friendly hand held terminal not only is the stock file instantly updated with quantities, but the location across multiple bins is also recorded. Warehouse Manager hand held barcode scanners can be used to rapidly capture batch and serial numbers for those companies with varying levels of requirement for traceability.

Datalinx for Sage X3’s RF-based solution automates inventory receipt and put away processes. Tightly integrated within the Sage X3 Purchase Orders module, Datalinx for Sage X3 eliminates receiving errors and short-shipments by matching the receipt of goods (through barcoding technologies) with the original purchase order details while reporting any variance. With the hand held terminal, the stock file is instantly updated with quantities and the location across multiple bins is recorded. Datalinx for Sage X3 receipt and put away effectively moves received goods from the dock into the warehouse and the right location, storing these items efficiently in reserve or pick bins. As a result, companies can facilitate timely and accurate order fulfilment by creating an optimised order-picking environment for warehouse staff.

Other key receiving and put away benefits include:

  • The ability of warehouse managers to assign multiple employees to the receipt and put away of a large inbound shipment, while multiple receipts can be simultaneously checked-in by a single employee
  • Elimination of the introduction of transcript errors
  • The ability to capture important information on items such as weight, size, expiration date and other key details
  • Configuration settings that allow the setting of default or multiple locations throughout the warehouse to accelerate the put-away process
  • Automated update of purchase orders and inventory information into the Sage X3 accounting system, eliminating manual intervention and errors to provide accurate and up-to-date inventory control information


Inventory accuracy of 99%

Accuracy of receipt, put away, and picking, improves from 90% with a paper based system to 99.9% when using Datalinx systems. The associated reduced requirements for stock take and stock reconciliation, provide a realistic return on investment of less than 12 months.

Shipping requires great attention to detail, as mistakes can cause great expense to all parties involved, and can often lead to the loss of a client, legal disputes and fines. Datalinx for Sage X3 eliminates shipping errors through a streamlined shipping solution that:

  • Produces packing slips, carton content labels and shipping labels before the carton is packed
  • Automatic calculation of shipping weight and software to keep track of cartons for an order
  • Offers companies the ability to shop for the best shipping rate to potentially save thousands of dollars annually, when integrated into a multi-carrier shipping system
  • Is able to generate the required labels for hazardous materials and custom requirements, packing slips and generate Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs)

Inventory Control

75% stock count efficiency gains

Carried out by multiple operators, the hand held devices guide users to the relevant locations and request details of the product being counted, together with the actual item count. This information is compared and checked in real time against the expected figures within Sage. Typically company confidence in stock figures increase to a point where a move to random or cyclic stock takes is a realistic option.

Datalinx for Sage X3 ERP provides accurate and immediate information on the quantity, location, condition, status and history of any item in the warehouse at any time – eliminating transcription errors throughout the warehouse operations process. Fully integrated within Sage X3, Datalinx ensures complete control and flow of information between the back office and warehouse floor, while a browser-based interface provides the ability to generate reports and track inventory movement across the enterprise.

Other key inventory control benefits include

  • Increased productivity and saving on labour costs through complete inventory control management that averts pickers being sent to an empty bin
  • Enhanced effectiveness of Web store operations and overall customer service through fast-paced, up-to-the-minute inventory control
  • The support of FIFO (first in, first out), LIFO (last in, last out) and FEFO (first expire, first out) stock rotation, serialised inventory and lot and expiration date tracking

New Release Updates

Paperless Environment

Datalinx for Sage X3 ERP focuses on real-time inventory management and order execution, intelligently administering all warehouse functions by directing operators through their tasks on user friendly hand held terminals and via touch screens and by managing optimal material flow throughout the warehouse. The system manages both full RF work order picking for production, as well as picking for sales orders of finished goods. 

Below are a few functionality highlights that Datalinx for Sage X3 offers.

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