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Consultative Sales Services

Listening to you, to provide value and solutions to your pain points

Outstanding consulting experience is the best way to generate momentum

When it comes to obtaining the best investment outcomes from your purchase of Sage X3 Advanced Business Software, your sales consultants experience counts.

Globally, the facts show a low percentage of satisfied purchasers of advanced business software and the dissatisfaction often stems from solution shortcomings, large investment variances from budget and missed project timelines.

The intangible and often complex nature of Advanced Business Software and business requirements increases the possibility for disputes and dissatisfaction over financial, solution and timeline matters that make up an advanced business software project.

CitySoft UK not only employ experienced advanced business software consultative sales people for Sage X3 ERP and other software solutions, we operate a well-defined and proven methodology for defining your requirements, presenting our proposed solution, detailing the project budget & timeline and the treatment of any variations that can arise from time to time, despite detailed planning.

Our consultative sales people are multi-disciplined across current technologies, the needs and challenges faced by small and medium sized business and the capabilities of the particular software applications CitySoft UK represent.

Companies engaging with CitySoft UK will receive a well-considered proposal for the various investment components that deal with your specific business requirements.

As a result of engaging with CitySoft UK’s highly skilled consultative sales team, companies considering Sage X3, or any of the ISV Products, will obtain insight into precisely how the recommended application will meet your requirements, the best licensing and deployment model, and a realistic investment in professional services to achieve your investment objectives. Our knowledge of the products we represent, leads to better solutions delivering a faster return on investment, with less risk of solution shortcomings, budgetary pressure and missed timelines.

Whether you are at the beginning of your advanced business management software purchase journey, or you have decided upon Sage X3 for your company, we would be pleased to discuss the value of the software and services CitySoft UK has to offer.

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