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Provide exceptional customer experiences and see results with the right Customer Relationship Management Software for your SME


Gain reliable insight & act promptly


Understand your customers needs


Collaborate harmoniously


Accelerate team performance


Know your business, grow your business

In recent times customer relationship management software (CRM) was seen by many businesses as unnecessary or at best nothing more than an electronic address book. However, CRM is now viewed by the vast majority of businesses as a necessary tool to manage and support sales people, retain customers and to quickly and easily communicate targeted messages to groups of clients and prospects.


Mobile Access

With the prevalence of mobile devices in our every day working environment, especially for sales people and technical service providers, customers and prospect expect that service providers will have immediate electronic access to pertinent data. Access to CRM data on mobile devices is no longer a luxury but rather a must have capability.

Understand your customers better & maximise every sales opportunity 

Sage CRM is an easy to use, afforable sales force automation tool (SFA) that will help your organisation acquire new customers, as well as retain and meet the expectations of existing customers. It manages sales budgets, forecasts and opportunities including quotes, sales orders and of course it collects and displays all your communications with your clients, prospects and suppliers. However, it goes further than just managing SFA. Sage CRM provides excellent marketing capabilities including integration with Sage eMkt and MailChimp for the creation, tracking using Google Analytics and distribution of compelling eDM’s.

Leading users of CRM software are capturing and using valuable data about their customers and prospects to tailor their messaging and to support their sales people. 

By capitalising on modern technologies their message is reaching their intended audience in a timely manner and with minimal effort and cost while helping drive up sales. 

Good CRM systems are more than just sales force automation tools or electronic customer records. Sage CRM offers deep integration with Sage 300 and other configured ERP systems so that sales and customer support staff have a clean unambiguous view of  client and supplier account details, information on their special pricing, stock availability and their account status leading to improved customer services and a lowering of average debtor days outstanding. 






"A large part of our business is relationships. We have a myriad of business partners investing in the team in shome shape or form. Managing those relationships efficiently and effectively is essential."

Nick Ryan, GM of Marketing and Sponsorship
Nissan Motorsports, Australia

CitySoft - Sage CRM Display

Direct Sales & Lead Intergration

With Sage CRM, you can direct your sales effort towards the most profitable and winnable deals, including cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. You can use the tele-marketing capabilities or the Web form to lead integration to capture prospects and opportunities. Brilliant Sage eMkt analytics and electronic survey will help you pin point real opportunities and with the built in alerts and workflows,“I forgot” is no longer applicable.

Sage CRM provides instant access to your sales pipeline in a graphical format, sales reports, customer and contact information, allowing your sales team to focus their efforts on selling and servicing. With Sage mobile CRM, your sales teams can instantly access real-time data anytime from anywhere.


Focus Sales Resources Where They Produce The Best Outcomes

As an SME, you don’t have extensive marketing resources, which makes it that much more important to use a CRM solution to help you manage these tasks in a professional and streamlined manner. Sage CRM helps you to plan, execute, and measure the success of marketing campaigns. Get the right messages to the right people at the right time, eliminating guesswork while making the best use of your marketing resources. With Sage CRM, financial profiling, order information, purchase histories, special interests and demographics can all be used to create detailed profiles of customers and prospects for highly targeted marketing.


Increase Opportunities With Your Existing Customer Base

Most SMEs are aware of the ’80/20’ rule, where 20% of your customers generate 80% of your revenue. Is this a reality of business or is this just a ‘symptom’ of under servicing 80% of your customer base? Keeping existing customers happy means ensuring they get what they want when they want it.

Sage CRM allows your business to define processes to track cases and solutions, resolving customer issues effortlessly. Sage CRM provides your team with the tools to improve customer service and maintain satisfied customers. It also helps your people to make every customer interaction informative, effective and profitable.

CitySoft a Sage awarded partner

Flexible Licensing & Deployment Options

With a choice of editions and deployment options, Sage CRM has a solution that can meet the specific needs of your business and accelerate your business growth. Available as a Rental (OPEX) or License purchase (CAPEX), Sage CRM is flexible, quick-to-deploy and delivers a fast return on investment.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

With Sage CRM, you have deep two way integration with Microsoft Outlook so there are no good reasons for your team not to stay connected, informed and empowered to win business, service clients and to engage in a timely and meaningful manner with prospects, customers and business contacts, in an enhanced collaborative manner across all your business divisions and teams.

Sage CRM is often positioned as the collaborate over-arching piece of software for an enterprise that draws data from multiple data sources to present users with a unified view of their business in attractive dashboards and views. Sage CRM is essentially a development platform that allows companies to take the CRM framework and expand it to become a company or industry specific solution addressing company or industry specific challenges and needs. various Sage CRM extensions are commercially available for instance for RTO’s, training and event companies, professional, sport and trade associations, (Membership Groups) technical service management and property management service providers and time billing job and project management.

Sage CRM includes an easy to use reporting tool and options to use Sage Intelligence BI, Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI), and Crystal Reports to satisfy more advanced reporting needs. Sage CRM will help your organisation gain deeper and better business insights and achieve greater efficiency from having a consolidated view of data across your entire business.

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