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Sage X3 ERP 

Financial Management

The right ERP financial solution to gain control and insight from supply chain to sales


Financial Management

  • Budget & Accounts
  • Fixed Assets
  • Financial Reporting
  • Purchasing
  • Employee Expense Management

Supply Chain Management

  • Purchasing & Inventory
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service
  • Global Management
  • Multi-legisltation & language 

Production Management

  • BOM Planning
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Quality Control
  • Project Management
  • Mobility

Sage X3 business management software is available in several suites containing advanced functionality and technical capabilities to address even the most demanding mid-market enterprises.

Thrive and stay competitive with faster access to business insights

Sage X3 is an business management software solution for enterprises with multiple sites and companies, operating in one or more countries, and often managing multiple legislations. You can harness cloud controls for visibility into your workflows to grow faster and run simple. With Sage ERP accounting software your empowered to stand above competition with  accuracy and real-time data capabilities, optimal monitoring of inventory and rapid go to market timelines. 

As a leading Sage Business Partner,  CitySoft supports the operation of organisations across the UK, Australia and Asia Singapore and Malaysia from our  London, Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore and Malaysia offices, delivering comprehensive support for the Sage X3  enterprise business management software system.

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Kookaburra Sports

Watch the Kookaburra Sports customer success video to see how CitySoft helped improve efficiency by implementing Sage X3 ERP software solution.

Industry Specifc Software


  • Retail Trade
  • Transportation logistics
  • Wholesale Trade
  • Agribusiness


  • High-tech
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Medical Devices
  • Metal Fabrication

Process Manufacturing

  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetic
  • Food & Beverage
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Advertising
  • Professional
  • Engineering
  • Financial 
  • Non-Profits
CitySoft an awarded Sage partner

We have over 10 years experience, 500 successful implementations and 9 partner awards to prove it. Our highly dedicated Support & Technical teams are there for you from implementation to post-service assistance. We are also there for you if you’re thinking of changing service providers, discuss with us for an obligation free meeting.

View the many CitySoft development applications that build upon Sage X3 capabilities. 


Who is Sage X3 for?

If your enterprise consists of some or all of the following characteristics, the Sage X3 ERP platform may be a valid candidate to replace your existing system:

  • You are a mid-sized enterprise loosely defined by turnover (£30 M- £750 M p.a.)
  • You operate across multiple offices, regions and countries
  • You have mature, sophisticated business processes and need to manage multiple legislations, multiple companies and sites and, on occasion, multiple languages
  • You require general ledger consolidations, eliminations and advanced reporting and analysis
  • You often require 30+ concurrent system users, albeit smaller enterprises with sophisticated process also demand a system like Sage X3 solutions designed for mid-sized enterprises

The Sage X3 system starts at 5 user licenses and scales past multiple thousands of concurrent users. It runs on either a Microsoft Windows platform or a Linux platform and uses either an MS SQL or Oracle database.

Sage X3 is available in several suites: finance; distribution; manufacturing; projects and jobs; and construction. It contains advanced functionality to manage even the most demanding mid-market business needs. The concurrent licensing consists of full, operational and transactional user licenses that enable enterprises to cost effectively include more people and processes in their business system eco-system for better results.


Sage X3 Fast Track

For mature and growing small to medium sized businesses looking at Sage X3 but not being able to meet the cost of the investment in services to implement it; CitySoft offers the Sage X3 Fast Track plan, modelled on Sage’s Fast Start concept – the plan supports businesses who want Sage X3 software but who need a more affordable project fee to meet their budget constraints. Often companies in the $20-$50 million-dollar turnover range align to the fast track stream. Although the Fast Track plan limits and or removes various elements of the Sage X3 system from the project plan, the bonus of Fast Track for mature and growing small to medium sized businesses is the ability to get on system with Sage X3 and when funds permit: expand the system out to encompass more functionality and sophistication.


The Sage X3 software license is a development platform supporting the creation of enterprise specific capabilities. The system can be deployed under a public or private cloud arrangement or as an on-premise deployment. The licensing is available as a subscription or a perpetual license.

Sage X3 software represents excellent value based on licensing models and licensing structures.

The ERP’s licensing and hosting fees that are typically less expensive than other software systems for mid-sized enterprises. The system operates on either a Microsoft Windows platform or a Linux platform and uses either an MS SQL or Oracle database. With True Web native technology – Sage X3 offers full mobility and clever use of activity codes to support developments without impacting standard Sage X3 vendor version upgrades.

Partnering With Us

Key competitive strengths of CitySoft and Sage X3 software include:

  • Greater certainty, clarity and transparency over public and cloud contractual matters, such as SaaS contract renewal caps and data ownership, and project fees
  • Greater inherent value in the Sage X3 license compared to other mid-market ERP systems
  • Ready-to-use yet configurable reports, visual processes, dashboards and role-based user profiles that reduce project fees
Sage X3 Product Extenstions

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