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Sage X3 for the Meat Industry

A comprehensive enterprise business management solution catering to slaughtering, butchering and mead handling management. 



Sage X3

Sage X3 provides meat processing firms with an all in one system for slaughtering, butchering and meat handling management

Software Features

Product management

  • Statistical analysis
  • Pallets, packaging, and materials management
  • Capture of qualities, and product grading,
  • Rates management: – butchering fees

Slaughter management

  • Commodities: pork, beef, lamb
  • Slaughter report: purchasing orders
  • Purchase type: live intake, carcass intake
  • Scale connectivity
  • Management of weighing practices: gross intakes, tares, etc.
  • Transport information
  • Origin information: feed type, farm, breed, etc.
  • Cost management: commission, transport, slaughterhouse, miscellaneous, etc.
  • Generation of slaughterhouse results

Preparation of orders

  • Types: To stock, direct production order
  • Content: sales articles and/or selection orders
  • Sending of preparation orders to the facility
  • Direct production statement
  • Direct consumption statement
  • Importing of facility intakes: customer, order, article, batch, packages, units, kilos,
  • Printing: by client, by article
  • Generation of sales delivery notes

Production management

  • Production types: butchering, preparation, freezing, packaging, etc.
  • Production templates: automatic generation of production orders
  • Importing of scale results
  • Statement of butchery production, hams, prepared products, etc.
  • Consumption statement for carcasses, butchered products, hams, materials, etc.
  • Traceability: ascending, descending
  • Traceability level: SSCC bar code, batch no.
  • Butchery price report per product family


Pallet management

  • Format: pallet, basket, etc.
  • Content: packages, units, kilos, etc.
  • Pallet documentation (serial codes)
  • Pallet labels
  • Pallet breakdown

Customer orders

  • Document types: offers, orders, etc.
  • Generation of orders from templates
  • Rapid selection of customer articles (‘top 10’)
  • Content: no. pallets, no. packages, kilos, etc.
  • Commission: %, kg, minimum price, etc.
  • Importing of web orders

Price management (intake and packing lists)

  • Pricing type: purchases, sales
  • Grading: SEUROP system (EU), males, etc.
  • Grading document: intake, animal identification (batch, ear tag, etc.)
  • Importing of slaughterhouse results
  • Application of pricing to quality document

Settlement management

  • Invoice types: advances, settlements
  • Price rates: market price
  • Price tables: date intervals, grading, etc.
  • Calculation of settlements by table
  • Direct settlements
  • Printing: detailed, summary

“Enterprise Management is a strong application, well suited to the food manufacturing industry. It is quick to implement, easy to use, and the support from both Sage and our Sage business partner is superb.”

Ryad Ali
Director of finance and IT
Belmont Meats Ltd.

Dispatch management

  • Document types: deliveries, returns, etc.
  • Delivery note evaluation
  • Pallet reader for delivery generation
  • Document generation: transport, packages, etc.
  • Load order: selection of delivery notes
  • Reports: load order, packing list, etc.

Quality management

  • Price tables: allowances, depreciations
  • Allowances: SEUROP (EU), males, etc.
  • Depreciations: seizures, health-related, individual intake, average intake, etc.
  • Quality documentation: item, quantity, price, amount
  • Application of quality to delivery notes

Packaging management

  • Transaction type: receiving, transfer, returns
  • Packaging: tares, standardised intakes, etc.
  • Packaging documents
  • Packaging in stock report

6 key components to look for in a business solution

Cost management

  • Cost type: production, marketing
  • Cost documentation
  • A posteriori cost application
  • Cost of sales report


Transport management

  • Types of transport: purchasing, sales, direct
  • Transport prices: by agency, zone, etc.
  • Price type: per tonne, fixed, etc.
  • Transporter information: driver, registration, trailer, etc.
  • Accounting entry of transport delivery notes
  • Transporter invoice control

Land management

  • Identification: owner, variety, location, etc.
  • Property registry information
  • Characteristics: feed, count, etc.
  • Farm reports

Commission management

  • Type of commission: fixed, by collection, by percentage, per tonne, price difference, etc.
  • Selection by commission calculation
  • Printing of commission settlements
  • Generation of expense invoice

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