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You’d be wrong if you thought that no one is considering buying business software right now. Many process manufacturers of food and beverage products and process manufacturers of disinfectants, body and hand washes plus broadly speaking, many agri-businesses have experienced significant increases in demand for their products in recent times. So, there is some positive news amongst all the bad news.

CitySoft UK have extensive experience working in the food and beverage and agri-business industries. Our international client base includes companies with well-known brands and plenty of less well-known privately held SMB and SME sized concerns in these industries.

Experience is everything in the ERP consulting space and CitySoft UK exudes experience. CitySoft UK represent Sage X3, a process manufacturing specific ERP system. CitySoft UK also supports various extensions to Sage X3 for agricultural businesses including fruits & vegetables, nuts, seafood, animal protein producers, dairy, grains, edible oils and animal feed. Our experience with process manufacturers extends to producers of body and hand washes, lotions and sanitisers.

CitySoft UK also represent Lascom a product lifecycle management (PLM) product that is widely used by both cosmetic and food & beverage manufacturers including many of the world’s leading companies.

Whether it’s a case of recipes or formula’s, nutritional panels or certificates of analysis, CitySoft UK has both the software and the expertise to assist process manufacturers and agri-businesses to prosper.

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