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The following facts & figures will assist people at the early stages of their journey investigating ERP software for their business. If you’d like to shorten your evaluation process please call CitySoft’s experienced consultative sales team as they can help streamline your process by providing you with fast, accurate and factual information regarding Sage X3 and the ERP market place in general.  

Who uses Sage X3 & where the product fits:

  • As a guide, 50+ employees, £50M – £1.5B  revenue/turnover per annum. 
  • Manufacturers covering discrete manufacturing (ETO, MTS & MTO), & process manufacturing (batch-lots, recipes & formulas).
  • Distributors including wholesale and transportation including dangerous goods and perishable items.
  • Enterprises with complex financial requirements including multi-company accounting and reporting, multi-site operations and global compliance capabilities.
  • Enterprises operating in multiple countries who need modern Web technologies to help them operate effectively and efficiently as a single Group.
  • Expanding corporations who need to scale quickly, yet cost effectively (acquisitions, new branches, etc.)
  • Enterprises seeking to join and prosper in the digital age (Smart users of technology for a strategic or competitive advantage).
  • Require insightful, in-depth reporting and analytics across enterprise operations for better decision-making
  • Require integrated solutions (tax, document management, ecommerce, etc.)
  • Enterprises seeking an ERP system that delivers a sizable ROI over decades not merely several years.
  • Companies done using software that compromises their business, limits growth opportunities and stops them growing more profitably.

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