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The Sage ADC warehouse license adds mobility to a warehouse (s) allowing warehouse staff to carry out a range of warehouse processes using mobile PDE units and barcodes. The ADC licensing essentially confirms what you already know – what to pick, what to move & what to receipt.

For many distributors mobility on its own isn’t sufficient. They need greater functionality. Datalinx radio frequency (RF) warehouse management technology with its ‘best of breed’ capabilities, supplies far greater functionality & warehouse flexibility than the Sage X3 ADC license.

Some of the key benefits Datalinx supplies include license plate and pallet number handling. In a warehouse where pallets are moved, Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 provides the ability to have license plates in order to identify a given pallet of product. The pallet handling can have single or multi lot/product on the one pallet.

Receiving and put away in Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 moves goods to the right location, using a number of different rules and criteria, which includes the ability to set up given assignments. Validation checks are carried out when products are placed in locations with mixed lots, products and quantities. The process is efficiently guided through the handheld terminals, storing the items and optimising the order picking environment for warehouse employees. These capabilities alone help companies achieve significant savings in the warehouse.

Datalinx for Sage X3 provides warehouse staff with far greater flexibility around picking. Using the latest Windows and Android devices from various scanner manufacturers (Zebra, Honeywell, datalogic), combined with the RF based barcoding technology and the seamless integration within Sage X3, employees have the ability at the pick point to do alternate picking. Zonal picking is also supported which allows an ‘overlay’ of the locations within a warehouse, and multiple orders to be picked simultaneously, optimising the fulfilment of customer orders and maximising resources.

The ability of resequencing the pick list to fit in with the warehouse layout further streamlines the warehouse operations. At the time of picking, a given pallet can be allocated; a direct pick to carton facility is provided increasing the speed at which orders can be dispatched by minimising double handling and by using product scanning.

When running the Sage X3 manufacturing suite, pallet numbers are created upon reception of a works order and Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 ensures the operator’s hand held device displays the detail of the Bill of Materials for a work order, guiding the user to pick the correct materials for the manufacturing process.

Dedicated Pack bench functionality allows for a confirmation step that the correct items are packed. Datalinx allows pack boxes by weight and prints the shipping labels, at the same time updating Sage X3 with the current order status. Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 is GS1 128 enabled catering for products with GS1 barcodes and or SKU’s requiring GS1 barcodes on the outer packaging, removing the need to re-label.

A personalised experience for operators is provided with the multi-language sets, in line with the international and multi-lingual capability of Sage X3. From the initial log on a user is presented the application in a language relevant to them, further helping to reduce error.

Feature-rich Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 adds further business logic than Sage ADC can provide, allowing the system to provide the functionality that warehouse operators require to gain on efficiency, reduce errors and streamline business processes.

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