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Sage X3 “Business Cloud” Version 12

Originally published April 8 2019 

With Sage X3 remain competitive, and embrace change rapidly, while maintaining regulatory compliance and reporting.

Manage and optimise operations, improve productivity and performance, while being smarter, more efficient and responsive.

The latest release of Sage X3 is V12, which includes a series of operational innovations designed to meet your evolving needs, has over 100 features and improvements added, to provide you with a faster, more intuitive and tailored business management system.

Many enhancements have been made in Financials, distribution, compliance and manufacturing business processes, in all over 100 features and improvements have been added to this latest release.

Highlights of Sage X3 Version 12

Global Compliance and finance

As a platform that meets multi-country, multi-legislation and multi-entity requirements, Sage X3 V12 has enhancements in multiple geographies and supports updated and new compliance across Australia, France, Germany, North America, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Significant enhancements have been made for Australia for BAS and GST reporting. It is now possible in a dedicated GST grouping function to create company groups and the ability to create and manage reporting periods.

Automated journal creation and enhanced traceability are some of the key day-to-day updates that have been made.

Manufacturing Operations

Improve planning and the capacity to promise, through easy identification of the dependencies between work orders and raw material availability.

Improve project cost management, and gain better control of project profitability, with Project Management enhancements (PJM) that focus on budget management, financial control and snapshot management.

Distribution Operations

Drive efficiency across the supply chain with a single number, which now allows you to manage logistics and track key information for a group of items.

Responsive User Experience

Access your data on a variety of different devices regardless of the type or size of the device, as the page layout adapts automatically to the screen size.

The new responsive design framework in Sage X3 V12, allows you to streamline all workflows and accelerate the management of your business from procurement to manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service and financials.

Access your personalised dashboards with real time alerts and performance monitoring. Customisable scoreboards allow you to analyse your business, and manage risks through navigating up and down the audit trail.

Simplified Ecosystem Integration

The introduction of the new GraphQL API framework and Data Integration API enable the connected ecosystem with flexibility and ease.


A secure, highly functional, and easy to use service to build real-time (synchronous) responsive application integrations.

Data Integration API

A simple and secure means of sharing and storing files to control the (asynchronous) exchange of data at defined intervals.

Further Information

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