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Consider the typical buyer behaviour surrounding the appointment of a real estate agent. Real estate agent A says your house is worth £1,000,000. Real Estate Agent B Says £1,250,000. Real Estate agent C says £1,500,000 and wins your business. Agent C then starts conditioning you to their take on market realities. Things have tightened up in the market since we spoke; we have now looked more closely at your house and we now think it’s only worth £1,000,000. If you have ever sold a house you’ll be familiar with this sales approach.

Now consider a business software project. Consulting firm A says you only need 30 days to successfully deliver the project; Consulting firm B says 40 days and Consulting firm C says 50 days. Consulting firm A gets the job. Consulting firm A then starts conditioning you. Oh if only we knew about that; so that is what you meant, you should have told us that…

CitySoft UK will provide you an accurate estimate during the sales process.

Our sales consultants are some of the most experienced people in this industry. Asking the right questions and transparently highlighting the matters that influence delivery of your system may not produce the lowest project fee, but they will provide you with a realistic investment figure that you can plan around.

Of course, like the real estate industry, where the actual sale price is a reflection of many factors, both expected and unknown, advanced business system projects are subject to many twists and turns. Making a definitive statement that “this is exactly how much you need to spend to achieve all of your investment outcomes”, ahead of and even after detailed planning, is in short nonsensical. However; providing an estimate that incorporates all the key project attributes is a skill that experienced companies like CitySoft UK offer prospective clients.

Helping clients obtain maximum value and savings from their investment is another skill CitySoft UK provides to our clients. 

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