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Ever Experienced Buyer Remorse?

Consider the typical buyer behaviour surrounding the appointment of a real estate agent. Real estate agent A says your house is worth £1,000,000. Real Estate Agent B Says £1,250,000. Real Estate agent C says £1,500,000 and wins your business. Agent C then starts...
How much does Sage X3 cost?

How much does Sage X3 cost?

Companies love the fact Sage offers choices and flexibility around Sage X3 deployment and licensing. As a result of this flexibility the overall cost of Sage X3 depends very much on the selected licensing model, product suite & deployment method. Taking a quick...
5 Reasons ERP software fails Process Manufacturers

5 Reasons ERP software fails Process Manufacturers

A blog on five reasons general Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems fail Process Manufacturers 1. A reliance on workarounds & convoluted adjustments to account for process manufacturing outcome Unlike general ERP systems, Process Manufacturing...

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